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Building Relationships

As many know it is so important to find a stylist that knows you and can listen to your needs. It is the same with massage. Having a professional licensed therapist who is experienced and committed to helping you achieve your goals is always the best. Each session will be tailor made, just for you. We can focus on one session or we can discuss long term plans and assist you in making bodywork a regular part of your preventative maintenance routine. I am delighted to offer a discounted rate for clients who come in monthly or bi-monthly!


For anyone under 18, I do require a form of permission from a parent or guardian, and that they remain on site during the massage. If you have health issues that may affect your massage I request a form signed by your physician. Certain modalities have certain restrictions. If you have any questions, please let me know

asking about Ashiatsu

Ashiatsu is my very favorite form of massage! I love the deep pressure I am able to provide while keeping the massage relaxing and pain-free. This massage is not recommended for those who have had a recent surgery, broken bones or recent injury, breast augmentation within 6 months, cancer within 6 months, currently pregnant, or any cardiovascular issues.

If you have any questions at all please let me know! Appropriate draping is always mandatory. This massage is offered as a 75 minute minimum- 60 minutes just doesn’t do it justice! It feels amazing! Because it is such a powerful massage I suggest hydrating the day before, only eating lightly prior to your session, and allowing yourself time to relax after the bodywork.

Curious about Cupping

Cupping has been around for thousands of years! I use dynamic and static cupping to help decrease toxins, loosen adhesions, improve range of motion, and increase comfort. Multiple sessions are often suggested when working through an illness or injury. Please call for specific contraindications.

lowdown on Lymphatic

Lymphatic Drainage is a form of bodywork, but I would not call it a massage. Massage involves muscle manipulation or movement. This is a very light touch treatment, meant to help the lymphatic system function at a higher level. This is great for pre- or post surgery, detoxifying your body, improving relaxation- I can go on and on! At this time, I do not offer this for clients with lymphedema or currently under cancer treatment. I am happy to connect you to therapists who specialize in this modality.

COVID -19 Practices

COVID-19 has impacted our society in so many ways. I appreciate everyone having their individual beliefs about how our community should handle things; however, I am going to take the most conservative approach as possible to do my part to help prevent the spread. Therefore, the treatment room is thoroughly cleaned with EPA approved products before every session. I do have a form for clients to fill out relating to their possible exposure. In addition, I will take my temperature daily and the client’s temperature when they arrive for their session. I will wear a mask when in the room with the client. I request the client wear as.


prepare for a massage

This is easy! It’s your session and your time. I would suggest hydrating the day before since drinking a lot of water right before the massage may be uncomfortable. I would also suggest eating only a small meal before a session. The lymphatic drainage really gets your digestive system moving! Arriving a few minutes early will allow you to have time with your therapist and start the massage relaxed and ready! And please don’t forget to fill out your client intake form. This allows me to ensure we have the best treatment options for you.

treatment room

I have to tell you, I love my treatment room! Quiet fans, gentle music, salt lamp lighting, table warmer and hot towels- we’ve got it all! The wood work used to create the ashiatsu bar support is a piece of art in itself! I hope you enjoy this space as much as I do!

What forms of payments are accepted?

I accept all major credit cards, cash, checks, Venmo, and Zelle. FSA and HSA are both welcome as well! In addition I also have gift-certificates for you and your friends!

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