Signature Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage 75/90/120 Minutes


Ashiatsu is the most luxurious massage! Also known as Chavutti Thirumal it translates to “massage by foot pressure”. It was originally developed by Kalari Martial Artists in India and was used to help keep warriors in shape. This bodywork can be found in several countries with slight variations. Here, I use a blend of Shiatsu and Swedish massage techniques which provides the perfect for those who want more pressure in their massage, while keeping relaxation a top priority. Warmed organic oil is first applied with a soft brush. Next, a highly skilled therapist uses a combination of their hands and feet to provide your deep and relaxing massage, while they are supported by bars on the ceiling. It’s simply the best!

Swedish Massage 30/60/90/120 Minutes


Used to soothe tense muscles, increase circulation and flexibility, and aid in relaxation. Traditional massage techniques are used, including elbows, forearms, hot towels, essential oils and many more, to assist you in finding balance and comfort in your body and mind. 

Probably the most well known massage modality in the United States. Used to soothe tense muscles, increase circulation and flexibility, and aid in relaxation. Long gliding strokes and other soothing techniques allow the body to slow down and unwind. Lotions, cream, gels and essential oils can be used to soften the skin and provide a personalized session. This massage is great when you just want to relax and feel pampered.

Therapeutic Massage 30/60/90/120 Minutes


Very similar to Swedish massage, but focuses on more specific work. Trigger point can be utilized. Also, some movement of the client can aid with getting those tight muscles to relax. Sessions can target specific areas such as back or neck, or a full body massage can take place.

Sports Massage 30/60/90/120 Minutes


Sports Massage is a great option for all. Whether you play for the NBA or you are the occasional mall walker- there are benefits of sports massage! Excessive or consistent physical activity can cause deep muscular and joint distress. This massage helps to warm and relax the muscles and improve range of motion. Enjoy before physical activity to assist muscles in performing at optimal level. Having a sports massage after a practice or event helps speed up recovery of strained muscles. Sessions are based on exactly what you are looking for. A runner may be looking to focus on the lower body while a baseball player may be looking for more shoulder support.  We will work together to make the best session for you!

Melt Into Wonder Massage 60/90 Minutes


How heavenly to focus on the neck, scalp, hands and feet!  This hydrating massage uses meridians, reflexology, and essential oils to leave you feeling like you are floating on a cloud! 

This massage was inspired by my favorite band, Dave Matthew’s Band. I just melt when I listen to them! If you request to hear their music during the session we may just have to become best friends!

Pregnancy Massage 60/90 Minutes


This relaxing massage is tailored for woman during pregnancy.  Sideline draping, extra pillows, and a focus on comfort and relaxation for the changing body of the mother to-be.

Thai Yoga 60/90 Minutes


Thai yoga, also known as Thai Massage, was developed over 2,500 years ago. Shivago Komarpaj, also known throughout Asia as “Father Doctor”, is given credit for helping spread knowledge of this amazing healing bodywork.Thai yoga has grown in popularity across the west and includes aspects of yoga, Ayurveda, and Chinese medicine. 

Using the Sen Sib (energy) lines of the body, the therapist is able to provide compression and stretches, allowing for a unique and relaxing healing session.

Many people are interested in yoga but feel they aren’t flexible enough or have the knowledge to do it safely. Thai Massage is the answer!  Often known as Lazy Yoga, it is a beautiful, relaxing way to get full bodywork and stretching.  

Many forms of massage are done on a massage table. Thai yoga can be performed on a table, but a more traditional practice is on a padded mat on the floor. 

Since this practice is received fully clothed, please wear comfortable clothing during this massage to allow for full range of motion. Men are suggested to wear compression shorts allowing full leg motion comfortably. This is stretching at its very best!

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy 60/90/120 Minutes


Lymphatic drainage therapy is a bit different from most traditional massage in that the goal is not to stimulate the muscles or circulatory system. Rather, very light touch is applied in  order to help drain trapped water and toxins from the body through the lymphatic system using delicate, wavelike movements on the face and neck or entire body. Used to reduce swelling, detoxify, regenerate tissue, and relieve pain and stress. Incredibly peaceful!

Himalayan Hot Stone Massage 60/90/120 Minutes


Therapeutic and relaxing, this treatment alleviates stiffness and soreness while restoring energy and balance. Heat from salt stone combines with long flowing strokes to relax muscles and sooth emotions. Simultaneously, other stones are placed on your body’s energy points, deeply infusing muscles with heat to melt away tension!

Cupping 30/60/90 Minutes


Have you heard of cupping but not sure what it’s all about?  Cupping therapy has been around for thousands of years in various forms.  Here at Solely we use different silicon, glass, or plastic cups placed on areas that need attention.  Perhaps tight shoulders? Maybe more range of motion?  Contact me with any questions and we can set up a plan of healing customized for you! 

Mobile Chair Massage

Call for pricing

Chair massage is a  great way to relax and get some incredible bodywork while never having to leave your office!  This is a great way to give back to employees in your office.  Everyone likes a massage day! Please call so I can assist you in meeting your needs.


Based on Ayurvedic principles, Shirodhara is a one-of-a-kind experience. Oil is heated in a special copper bowl. Then the oil is slowly dripped onto the forehead and scalp. This slowly dripped oil helps bring your mind to a level of meditation and relaxation that can’t be imagined!

As the oil continues to pour over your forehead, the hair and scalp are enriched. This is a great hair treatment and may be left on for several hours or all day!

Please plan on your hair being oily after your session. Therefore, it may not be the best option if returning to work or needing to be out in public shortly after. We also recommend wearing a button shirt that doesn’t need to pull over your head, or a shirt with a loose neckline.

How do we decide which oils to use?

We base the oil, or combination of oils and herbs, on your dosha type. Here is a mini backstory. In Ayurvedic studies there are five elements. These elements combine in different amounts, resulting in three basic Dosha types- Pitta, Vata, and Kapha. These dosha types can become out of balance. To bring them back in balance several different techniques may be used, such as diet, meditation, yoga, and shirodhara.

If you don’t know your dosha type, no worries! I have included a short quiz you can take to learn more. There are also several good ayurvedic practitioners in the area that can assist you in a more in-depth study into your constitution.

When you book your session, if you know your dosha type and have an oil preference, please let us know. If not, we will use organic coconut oil which is very agreeable for all doshas.

Foot/Body Scrub

Foot Scrubs are incredible! Although we are focusing on your feet, the results can be felt throughout your body, all the way to the top of your head. 

I love to add reflexology to all foot scrub sessions.  Please reach out to me prior to your session to order a custom scrub made with organic essential oils!

This may be added to any 30 minute or longer massage session.

Table Stretching

Would you like to try some table Thai and still have some traditional body work? This is the way to go! Add 30 minutes of stretching to any table massage. 

Wearing yoga clothes may be the most comfortable for this part of your session. You do not need to be flexible to stretch. You stretch to become more flexible! 

Please come as you are without judgment or expectations. We will work together to get the best session for you!  Contact us in advance with any questions.

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